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From Prison Residency To Presidency

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By Dr. Ahmed Gumma Siddiek


In an endless horizon,

In a lonely Zone

The Robben Island stood alone

Amid an angry water,

Where nothing to see

But an endlessness angry sea


The Robben Island,

stood amid the ocean

A rocky penitentiary

With no emotions


A place,

with none-human feature

A symbol that stood

for human torture

Through the century

Through the human history

Stood the Island 

as a statue of human misery


To this island,

Mandela and his fellow men

Were brought in chains

Confined in solitary rooms

What crimes did they make?

They only refused the apartheid

They had nothing to hide

They were highly dignified,

And full of African pride


Mandela and companions

Were introduced to their new homes

In the Robben Island in solitary rooms

Hundreds of men with smiling faces

Assigned to imprisonment cause of race

In that place


Mandela with heavy shackles

Dangling from his skinny hands

Like a handkerchief of a bridegroom

In his first marriage day

Then to his comrades he would say

‘Oh, men…’

‘Freedom is a state of mind’

‘And that, every dark night’

‘Would be followed by one bright’

“So, keep happy and tight.”

“To win the fight”

“And have back your human rights”


And that, men let’s say that:

‘The prison is a five-star hotel’

‘A temporary motel’

‘Where we should happily stay

‘Live and play’

‘And show no signs of grief’


So, the men faced their fate

like brave men

They held to that belief

And spent imprisonment.

with pleasure, with no grief


Then from Robben Island

Mandela marched from his Prison Residency

To South Africa Presidency

He was the greatest dreamer,

in the human history

Who fought bravely,

and set all the African free

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