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Liverpool, the Gate of Hell

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Poem by Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek


You were the gate to hell

So, I hate you as I hate London,

Nantes and New York as well

Every piece of me does boil with hate

As through your dirty gates,

My black race were

put to face their horrible fate,

Faced their awful luck on your soil

And spent all their lives to toil

To make your wealth

And bring you the better health

Your hate, in every pore in my flesh

In the run of my blood,

It is always fresh

You slave trader,

You, the cruel traitor!!

My black race were driven

Into your dirty ports

Under the view of your very judges

And your royal courts

They were forced into slavery

Driven in your merciless,

Unfriendly, slippery roads

They were smuggled by day and night

Through your hideous tunnels and secret docks

Naked Children clinging

To naked mothers’ breasts

They had to walk all the way

And would never have to rest

Women and men all were chained

Hand to hand or cuffed foot to foot

Like cattle, they were hooked

By a burly piece of wood

Salty sweat ran into their eyes

And hundreds of grimy flies

Bite their skinny faces and broken thighs

They were all naked

And the feet were bare

And none a piece of cloth

There to wear

Then, they were auctioned

In your market place

Like animals not as a human race

And they were to be

Dispersed in every space

Forced to build your Great British Empire

And they did with great care

In the plain or in the mire

They did all the heavy jobs in the farms

Built bridges and built the dams

They cut the wood for the winter’s fire

And cooked the delicious food

For the master and his neighborhood

Sometimes, only one girl

In the master’s house,

Was the only black maid

Who was made to wake up the first

And the last to go to bed

All broken from foot to head

Oh, Liverpool

Your dirty history can never be gone

And because of the harm you have done,

To the black race,

You will be forgiven by none!!

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