One hundred years on, we must not forget Africa’s role in the First World War

By Richard Dowden One hundred years ago this week, self regarding, ignorant and weak leaders with the primitive belief that God was on their side,...

Gay Africa: casualty of a different power struggle

Uganda’s war over homosexuality at best it is a battle between Western human rights and African morality but both suspect the other – quite rightly – of more cynical agendas.

South Sudan: Mediocre fighters from the guerrilla crush their new state

Mediocre guerrilla leaders from the liberation war are destroying their new state South Sudan

South Sudanese in the grip of fear and anger

There are many truths among the fearfull and angry South Sudanese

It is war once more in South Sudan

Optimism about a quick end to the conflict in South Sudan has evaporated and the old wounds are being re-opened

How Islam from the north spreads once more into the Sahel

Conservative Islam comes to the Sahel with an unstoppable mission mentality and the way paved by money from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Pakistan.

From Mungo Park to the UN invasion of Mali

"Hello mate," writes Matt in an email. "Welcome! You can come back to the Sleeping Camel. I've decided to stay open. Because the UN...

Son ignores family and hangs out with Neighbours…

By Robert Ocholla Kenya’s greatest, most famous and popular expatriate, American President Barack Obama is on his first major African tour. Fortunately or unfortunately depending...

No easy solution for a divided Mali

Proud ladies in expensive, colourful costumes ride on mopeds through the blue smoke hanging above the streets of the Malian capital Bamako. The perky...

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