Out of Love with Africa

The Last Train to Zona Verde: Overland from Cape Town to Angola By Paul Theroux (Hamish Hamilton 353pp £20) ‘I am not an Afro-pessimist,’ writes Paul Theroux,...

Half a Life in Nairobi

By Robert Ocholla The cool evening warmth is suddenly disrupted as a couple of loud bangs rent the air sending birds scampering up in the...

Achebe’s “There Was a Country” risks opening old wounds

A new book of Chinua Achebe is out. A review by Michael Holman, a piece which will be published in the September issue of the London Literary Review. A book, Holman writes, that risks opening old wounds and reviving old scores.

Chinua Achebe: Peaceful world my sincerest wish

Recently, the classic African novel “Things Fall Apart” by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe was translated into Persian by Ali Hodavand and released in Iran. Nasrin Pourhamrang, Editor-in-Chief of Hatef Weekly Magazine interviewed the author.

Oumou Sangare sings – audio

In the capital of Mali, Bamako. I met the famous singer Oumou Sangare. She sang a song for peace.

Shuga may shock

Times on Kenyan TV have surely changed: Soap Opera shocks in a country where just 25 years ago a President banned American TV programmes for showing bikini-clad ladies performing some mildly sensual dances. A new century, a new president. A new TV.

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