South Sudan: Mediocre fighters from the guerrilla crush their new state

Mediocre guerrilla leaders from the liberation war are destroying their new state South Sudan

Alarming rate of suicides in peaceful Northern Uganda

By Ilona Eveleens "We later learnt that they went from house to house in Katikati as well, taking all boys and girls around your age with...

South Sudanese in the grip of fear and anger

There are many truths among the fearfull and angry South Sudanese

It is eery in the Central African Republic

The Central African Republick is lost in the heart of Africa. Thugs are terrorising the pupulation. It smells like mass murder in the country and more is still to come.

How Islam from the north spreads once more into the Sahel

Conservative Islam comes to the Sahel with an unstoppable mission mentality and the way paved by money from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Pakistan.

Mali conflicts undermine economic growth

Horses, cars, donkey carts, motorbikes and pedestrians compete with one another over the limited space on the narrow quay of Mopti. Market stalls, lining...

Conservative islam is on the rise in poor Mali

The mosquitoes in the car do not observe Ramadan and eagerly attack when we drive away from the Malian capital Bamako in the early...

The Great Digital Leap Forward in Africa

IHub is an oasis of modern order in the otherwise so chaotic Kenyan capital Nairobi. Absorbed on their screens and with headphones strapped on,...

Run up to Kenyan elections already bloody

Eric Kioko is in seventh heaven. He has been working since the first of January as ‘DJ Talanta’ with the popular radio station Ghetto...

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