Native inhabitants of Lamu see new port as threat

In March 2012, Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki gave the go-ahead for a second port in Kenya. The new harbour, calculated to cost over twenty billion Euros, will be constructed in Magogoni on the mainland, just opposite of the archipelago Lamu and some hundred kilometres south of Somalia. Lamu views the arrival of the harbor with trepidation.

The Nuba Crisis: A Continuing Assault

The war in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan continues unabated. A rare eywitness account

When Antonovs fly over: history repeats istelf

The story was published 12 years ago. Many Sudanese today would not notice a difference. A old postcard from Antonov

Homosexuality in Kenya: Pushing from behind!

Kisumu is a Macho city, situated more than 350 Kilometers from Nairobi on the shores of Lake Victoria, it’s an area known for braggers who wine and dine big or small time flossing about their property and women, how do gays fair against this population?

Mali: If the music dies…

Mali finds itself in a political paralysis. A rebellion, an islamist uprising, a coup-d'etat: within mere months a seemingly stable country collapses under unresolved issues. A way out can't yet be seen. But Mali can't survive for long without peace. Singer Oumou Sangare: "We need peace to sing and dance."

Shuga may shock

Times on Kenyan TV have surely changed: Soap Opera shocks in a country where just 25 years ago a President banned American TV programmes for showing bikini-clad ladies performing some mildly sensual dances. A new century, a new president. A new TV.


Bonoko looks young and innocent, but he is hardened and shrewd. He gained his life experience on the streets of the Kenyan capital Nairobi,...

Recruting for Al Shabaab in Nairobi

“I have been telling all of you in my team not to listen to these recruiters for al-Shabaab here in Majengo. They are cheating you, they are brainstorming you, and they don’t take care of you”.

Stranded in the war of Sudan’s Nuba mountains

"I don't want to start writing this story. I've been stuck in a rebel area in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, surrounded by hostile government soldiers, without any way to reach the safety of the outside world for several weeks now. I feel smothered by lethargy."

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