Eritrea has become a catastrophe

By Abraham Zere, head of Pen Eritrea It initially sounded like a joke; gradually it got serious and then tragic. A decade and a half...

Kenya has become a “bandit economy”, says Chief Justice Willy Mutunga

Africa is at war with its cartels, says Willy Mutunga, Chief Justice of Kenya

Kenyan soccer run by thugs

By Robert Ocholla One of the enduring curiosities of Kenya’s sporting scene has been the inability of our national soccer team Harambee Stars to make...

The never-ending scandal of the Western Sahara

By Richard Dowden Forty years ago on the 6th of November, Morocco invaded Western Sahara, a former Spanish colonial possession – mostly made up of...

Al Shabaab on a killing spree in Garissa

By Robert Ocholla The Bible says that Jesus died for the sins of mankind but here in Kenya 147 young people have died because of...

Said Samatar, a Somali icon dies

Said Samatar, who died last week, explained Somalia. A brilliant scholar he used words like swords and clubs wielded with speed and skill to...

Je suis Nigeria

If writers and cartoonists use the power of their pens to attack and mock the sincerely held beliefs of the poor and voiceless in society who cannot reply, that is not just mean, it is unjust.

Lest We Forget The Hundreds Of Thousands Who Perished In SALVA KIIR’S Juba Genocide!!

Lest we forget, it is now time the people of South Sudan took the initiative. It is no longer the issue of Salva Kiir; it is the country and the nation at stake.

Little evidence of ‘Africa Rising’ in Index of African Governance

By Richard Dowden Next time you pick up a glossy document from one of the global consultancy companies promoting investment opportunities in Africa, count the...

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