Battle against islamism brings back international real politics to Africa

Increasingly the way in which the global battle against Islamism is being fought will trump the values for which the West proclaims to stand in Africa.

Has Kenya Destroyed the ICC?

The body blows dealt by Nairobi to the ICC have human rights groups questioning whether the court can -- or should -- prosecute atrocities in South Sudan and other African states.

Aging African leaders should make space for the younger generation

It is time for the aging leaders to make space for the younger generation

Homosexuality is worse than Terrorism!

By Robert Ocholla It was on a cold evening on March 26, 2014.The evening quietness and tranquility was broken by a loud shriek of a...

Uhuru Must Step Up To Tackle Rhino Poaching

Poaching has gone beyond being "alarming". Conservationist Paula Kahumbu calls on Kenya's president to act.

A book on and by gays in Kenya

  By Ilona Eveleens A fresh breeze is blowing through the gay community in Kenya since the beginning of this year. First, the famous Kenyan writer...

Kenya and the ICC: “Don’t be vague, go to The Hague,” (but send Bush and Blair too)

This is a crucial moment for the International Criminal Court. If it drops the ball or the UN Security Council (UNSC) kicks the Kenyan...

Blood is thicker than reason

The entire Kenyan populace needs to come out strongly in defence of the new constitution

Do not upset a Big Man

The lesson of Mugabes win: do not upset a Big Man

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