Bonoko looks young and innocent, but he is hardened and shrewd. He gained his life experience on the streets of the Kenyan capital Nairobi,...

Recruting for Al Shabaab in Nairobi

“I have been telling all of you in my team not to listen to these recruiters for al-Shabaab here in Majengo. They are cheating you, they are brainstorming you, and they don’t take care of you”.

Stranded in the war of Sudan’s Nuba mountains

"I don't want to start writing this story. I've been stuck in a rebel area in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, surrounded by hostile government soldiers, without any way to reach the safety of the outside world for several weeks now. I feel smothered by lethargy."

The graves of Garba Tulla

Garba Tulla lies on the vast and mainly dry savanna’s of Northern Kenya. The wounds of a vicious war nearly fifty years ago are still open. “Thousands of civilians were killed, we were imprisoned in this area and our cattle was driven away to the highlands”, laments Halake. “That is the way the authorities deal with us nomads in the North”.

‘Lost boys’ of Sudan may not have been so lost

“We were not lost, we were led by SPLM adults. The expression ‘lost boys’ is bullshit.”

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