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Surviving the odds

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Gambela in Southwest Ethiopia

This is Nyajany Gatwech, from Malakal, Upper Nile State, South Sudan.  In Tierkidi refugee camp, Nyajany Gatwech sells vegetables to sustain her family after fleeing conflict in South Sudan. Life is tough with insufficient food and security concerns. Nyajany’s nephews still long for their missing mother.

“I contacted the Red Cross to find my sister, sharing her photo and my contact. They located her, but she hasn’t found us yet. I still don’t know what happened to her,” Nyathak explains.

Reflecting on a past of peace, she dreams of a better future for all. With an influx of refugees, pressure mounts on the already strained water supply, exacerbating living conditions. Yet, Nyajany holds onto hope, striving not just for her family’s welfare but for a community where necessities like food, water, and education are readily available.

Martha, a former restaurant owner making Kisra, her homeland’s dish. After fleeing from the conflict in South Sudan, she sought refuge in Ethiopia and is still searching for her two missing children.

Nyathak Chuol, refugee mother of six and a self-trained engineer at Jewi Camp in Gambella, Western Ethiopia oversees a solar-powered water point, a lifeline for thousands of refugees.

Nyawuw’s daughter beams with joy while engaging in playful moments with her siblings at their home in Gambella Refugee Camp despite the myriad challenges endured by families displaced from the conflict in South Sudan

16-year-old Nyaluak Nyar, a refugee child forced to flee her home in South Sudan amidst conflict, sits by her bed with her beauty products in Gambella refugee camp, Western Ethiopia, striving to reclaim a sense of normalcy despite challenges

Nyawuw’s children take a nap at their home in Gambella refugee camp, Western Ethiopia to cool off from the scorching heat

28-year-old Nyaruot Okuay, a refugee in Gambella, Ethiopia, fled conflict in South Sudan. Despite being displaced from her home, she proudly dresses with the South Sudanese flag as a cover, symbolizing resilience and maintaining her identity

A boy in one of the refugee camps, favourably wears the flag of South Sudan despite the South Sudan

Nyawuw, at home, having coffee with her friends

Members of Nyawuw’s self-help group during a meeting

Nyalok’s mother (on the right) and her sister are preparing food from the vegetables in their garden

Overview of Kule refugee camp

Housing in Kule refugee camp

A refugee woman on her way to the market

Two sisters have opened a small cafeteria in order to add some income to their impoverished lives

This project was sponsored by Oxfam

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